The Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Your Diet

Colorectal Cancer prevention and diet really have a lot in common.

The colon and rectum are responsible for the nutrient absorption, water management, and the elimination of waste from our body.

You really don’t need specialists to tell you about garbage in and out. Let’s just hear what the experts have to say.

It was found that intake of red and processed meats are a major contributor of colorectal cancer. However, group of doctors in France are unconvinced by this “existing evidence.” They’ve decided to make a comprehensive study for these themselves.

They followed men and women, 478,040 to be exact, for nearly five years before they finally concluded that red and processed meat was a positive cause for colon cancer. They have also found out that eating fish will considerably reduce a person’s risk. [Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 15;97:906-16]

There were many researches involving omega 3 oil, that explains intake of fish can reduce the risk for colorectal cancer.

The doctors that were associated with the New York University Women’s Health Study had closely watch women, numbering of 14,727, for an average of 7 years. They have discovered that “a progressive decline in risk of colorectal cancer with increasing the intake of fish and shellfish.”

Adding more to that, there was also a similar decline in the risk for women who are inversely proportionate to the amount of calcium they consumed. Frankly speaking, women who ate most calcium are likely to have the lowest risk.

But, they were not that confident about the red meat connection to the colorectal cancer as how our friends in France were. Actually, the doctors in NYU said that, the issue of associated of red meat to colorectal cancer “remains unclear.” [Nutrition & Cancer, Vol. 28:276-81]

A study in Harvard suggested that it’s so much the red meat and fats that causes the problem, but it’s our “western” lifestyle.

They cited that a person, who’s obese, physically inactive, has a diet low in vegetables and fruits while high in red meat and processed goods, contributes to one lifestyle that causes high levels of insulin in the blood!

Researchers have explained that elevated blood insulin will “promote colon carcinogenesis” because insulin is a “growth factor” that will cause cellular division of epithelial cells in the colon. [Cancer Causes & Control, Vol. 6, No. 2:164-79]

Now, what are we to do about colorectal cancer prevention and with the diet? It’s just easy as pie.

Stick in eating whole foods, with lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, fiber rich foods, continuous use of unprocessed oils, intake of lean meat like fish and chicken, low fat dairy and lots of pure water.

It’s very important to cut out the alcohol intake, practice stress management, and exercise regularly.

By these guideless, it won’t just reduce the risk for colorectal cancer but to other types of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes too. This will also improve your vim, vigor and your vitality.

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