Rethinking Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, the best piece of play is not always so with such a man or woman wants. This is like a workout gym. Muscles are not stressed by prolonged pause, they reduce their power and they recede quickly. So it is with an erection. If the penis has not long been claimed, he may have difficulty getting to stiffen. The ends of the song is then depression, frustration, and then connected with the listlessness. Thus man is quickly becoming a sexless person. Biologically speaking, man gets erections every night, at least in theory. At night and in the morning through the penis stiffens more than once. Through the night exercise, the vessels are better supplied with oxygen and trains the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa. Good penile blood flow is a prerequisite for long-lasting power.

How can one have a power failure or impotence? Erectile dysfunction can possibly be attributed to poor blood circulation. It can be determined by the urologist. But this is no reason to hang their heads. Poor blood circulation can be improved by exercise. However, cycling is less suitable. When cycling the blood supply is blocked by the saddle. Sports that set up the thigh muscles and trains, as the endurance sports, rowing or running, are ideal for muscle building. The invisible pelvic floor muscles are functionally connected to the penis, but is often too little attention. If those muscles are flabby, the best pieces are quickly tired.

Sex keeps you healthy and fit! Sex is the most optimal blood flow to the penis exercise. Not only is the soul profited by kissing, caressing and massaging gently. Physically, stress hormones are reduced, the happy hormone dopamine is released, giving us a feeling of elation and the hormone oxytocin strengthens the bond between the partners. After an orgasm, the prolactin and causes you to feel really satisfied and full. During orgasm, the blood vessels and skin are better blood circulation and oxygenation of the body is perfect. We breathe more deeply, so that the organs are well ventilated. Whose sexuality active lives can reduce the risk of prostate disease such as prostate cancer.

What can help with impotence or erectile dysfunction? Research has made it possible for men who suffer from persistent erectile dysfunction, can be helped. One can after consultation with his urologist or family doctor can prescribe so-called potency pills. The name Viagra, Cialis or Levitra certainly has ever heard before. Since the pills have a relatively long duration of action, man can enjoy sex without having to constantly keep an eye on the Clock field must be. Potency pills are primarily designed for men with erectile dysfunction existing.

However, there are some exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the thigh. These exercises are a good training to be able to enjoy a long and fulfilling sex life.

Penis Workout Skipping: Running it on the spot and lift it to its knees as far as possible. The pace should be changed. Do they run faster and sometimes slower. After five changes you can treat yourself to a ten-minute break.

Pelvic rocking: Take a walk in the squat and close the legs so that they touch. Arms behind your head and squeeze the buttocks firmly. Imagine, they would have to hold a coin between the buttocks. Then they push the pelvis forward a few times. Repeat this exercise several times and they make sure that the voltage is maintained.

Tip: If you are at a red light, they squint, the buttocks and imagine they were holding a coin. This practice is possible anywhere and no one notices anything.

Pelvic lift: Lie down on your back and bend your legs slightly. The knees should be about hip-width apart. Put your hands beside your hips and tighten it at the pelvis and back muscles. Lift them slightly off the ground the pelvis. Hold this position for a few seconds they increase and the tension. Especially during this exercise on a regular breathing and moving them either legs or shoulders. Repeat several times the exercise.

Despite all the exercises, they should immerse themselves in togetherness with your partner. Because inspire tenderness and togetherness body and mind and strengthen their relationship. It is also always open when it comes to sexuality!

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