Advice How To Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a painful and uncomfortable condition that affects millions of people. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins of the anus and rectum become dilated. When the blood vessels around the anus become swollen, it causes a great deal of pain. There are basically two types of hemorrhoids. These types are called the external and internal. How to cure hemorrhoids successfully will depend on the type of treatment chosen.

The internal hemorrhoid occurs when the muscles that support the blood vessels weaken. Once weakened, they become enlarged and this results in a sac-like protuberance inside the rectal canal. If this protuberance is large enough, it will push out of the anal canal and cause a prolapsed hemorrhoid.

The external hemorrhoid occurs when just under the skin of the anus. It can be very uncomfortable and almost always itches and burns. In some cases, blood will pool in the external hemorrhoid and form clots. This type of hemorrhoid is called a thromboses external hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids happen to anyone at anytime. They mostly occur though in the elderly, women who have had children in the past and women who are currently pregnant. There are studies that show a possible connection to hemorrhoid activity that runs in the family line. Hemorrhoids can be caused by people who have excessive coughing, bowel movement straining, vomiting, poor dieting and obesity.

The occurrence of hemorrhoids can be for may reasons. These are stools filled with blood, lumps in the rectal canal, burning and itch. If there are bloody stools, seeing a doctor is advisable to rule out more serious conditions. A doctor can diagnose hemorrhoids by doing several different types of exams. One is internal and uses a scope with a light to view the rectal opening and the other is a visual exam to view the external hemorrhoids. The exam, although uncomfortable, only takes a few minutes and can be done right in the office.

Treating the problem can be done in several ways. These treatments can include warm baths, ice and aspirin. It also helps to use creams and ointments that can be purchased from the local pharmacies. Life changing symptoms can include losing weight and exercise as well as a complete change in diet. Stool softeners can be effective but long term use can be harmful if not discussed with a doctor first. It might also help to wear loose clothing or cotton undergarments.

Sometimes treatments are not successful and it will require seeing a health care provider. They will discuss further treatment options such as coagulation done with lasers, injection therapies and a possible surgery to remove the hemorrhoids. Discuss these thoroughly for the best possible treatment.

Most of the time, hemorrhoids can heal on their own in about fourteen days. How to successfully treat and cure hemorrhoids rests with you and can be done if following directions appropriately. How to cure hemorrhoids can be easy if done properly but if the hemorrhoids return continually, there may be a more serious problem. See the doctor immediately if this happens as it may be an indication of inflammation of the intestines, rectal fissures and cancer. It is not always easy to change a lifetime of bad dieting and poor exercise habits but if it is achieved, it will a person longevity and a happy, healthy life.

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