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I hereby certify that:

  • I am at least 18 years of age.
  • I, the patient, have had a recent physical examination and medical
    history evaluation by a physician who is available for any necessary
    local follow-up care and intervention.
  • I have been fully informed and understand the risks, benefits, and
    possible side effects of the prescription drug(s) I may request.
  • I have safely used the medication(s) I may request under a physician`s
    supervision or been advised by an examining physician that the use of the
    medication(s) is not contraindicated for me and is appropriate for my
    therapeutic and medical needs,
  • I am requesting the prescription medication(s) solely for my therapeutic and
    medical needs, and will not distribute any said medication to others.
  • I am requesting that a licensed prescriber act only in an adjunct capacity to
    my local physician, not replace my local physician, when reviewing my request
    and if authorizing the prescription drug(s) for dispensing by the virtual
    clinic’s associated licensed pharmacy.
  • I am seeking the prescription(s) for a necessary supply of medication, not to
    stockpile beyond an already adequate supply on hand.
  • I will promptly contact a local physician for any necessary medical intervention
    should a complication or concern result related to the use of a requested
  • I am allowed by law to use the credit card that will be used if my request
    is approved and processed.
  • I have and will answer all questions truthfully, for my safety, just as I
    would in my local physician’s office and care.
  • I realize there are risks as well as benefits to any medication, even OTC drugs,
    and having been informed of possible effects, I consent to treatment as
    I may request.
  • I am permitted by law in my locale to receive the medication(s) I am requesting,
    and I will be responsible for customs clearance and or any additional taxes
    if there will be any.
  • I hereby confirm that I am aware that at times products might be shipped
    loose and not in blister packs due high demand or lack of stock and to allow
    for best possible prices
  • I declare that I agree for the delivery time of 10-17 business days.
  • I hereby confirm that I wish to receive monthly newsletters and any special
    offers from this web site.

We value our customers above all else. Your privacy and protection is very important to us,
and will not be compromised. Our company and this web site maintain that your information
is safe and secure, and we have taken the measures needed to ensure this. Any information
provided by our customers is never shared, sold, or released to any third party.


We ship to most of the countries. If you are unable to select your country at the checkout
phase, please contact us. Once the pharmacy has received your prescription, it will be
filled and shipped by EMS or USPS/registered airmail for an additional charge (shipping
and handling). Normal delivery time is 10-17 business days. We will notify you if there
is a problem with your order and you will receive a confirmation email when the pharmacy
ships your medication. If for any reason the order will not be delivered within 10-17
business days, please contact us and we will investigate the case. Please note: We
cannot be responsible for customs clearance and the customer will have to carry all
future expenses and taxes if there will be any, in his country.

Refund policy

We are a pharmacy subject to state and federal laws;
therefore we are not allowed to restock sold items. Therefore, we are unable to accept
returned prescription medications for a refund.
If you wish to cancel your order you may do so only before it has been charged and processed,
you will need to contact our customer service by phone or livechat in order to cancel your order.
In case of a cancelation request after the order has already been charged and processed a 10%
cancelation fee will be deducted from the full amount. If your order arrives and its shipping
container appears crushed, folded, or severely damaged, your item will be reshipped absolutely
free of charge.

Privacy policy

We are firmly committed to your privacy. We guarantee that none of the information
provided by our customers will be given to third parties. With the “Order Form”
we collect contact information such as your email address and financial information
such as your credit card number. This information is only used to fulfill our customers
orders. The financial information is collected and used solely for the billing of
products and for services offered by our website.

By buying from us we receive your address, phone numbers, email address and credit
card details. This information is used solely to help us deliver the
parcels to you and for contact purposes.

We maintain an order history of your purchases as well. This enables both
you and us to track your deliveries and review your past purchases. Based
on your order history we may offer you a reward for purchases or make an
offer we think you might like.

We collect and observe information of general nature about the number of
`hits` our website gets. We monitor the site traffic patterns enabling us
to understand which areas of the site are being visited more than others.
This also helps us build a more useful site with subsequent re-designs.
We do not track individual users pathways through the site!

Our site uses “cookies”. “Cookies” are small amounts of data sent to your web browser
by a web server. They cannot harm your machine in any way as they are small text
files with simple information in them. You can see them as small text files
inside your `Temporary Internet Files` folder in Windows. Our cookies keep
track of the items in your Shopping Cart and act as place markers when you
move around the site.

If you have set your Security Settings in Internet Explorer to `high`, you have
disabled cookies. Our site uses cookies to provide some features such as the
Shopping Cart and My Account. In order to use the site you will need to set the
security level for the internet to Medium (under Tools/Internet Options).
This is for “Safe browsing but still functional”. Alternatively you can add
Buy Generic Tramadol to your list of trusted sites.

If you are worried about anything on our site, please contact us and we’ll be glad to
discuss any issues with you.

We NEVER exchange, sell or otherwise give away your email address to any other companies.
Your email address is used solely by yourself, for purposes of logging into your account.
We use your email address solely for emailing you regarding your orders and to update
you on our newsletters.

In order to complete your order we have to disclose some of your information to
service suppliers. These parties include EMS and USPS.

Your Consent: By using our web site you give us permission to use your personal
information for orders, services and updates only, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.
If you are worried about anything on our site, please contact us and we’ll be glad to
discuss it with you.

Security: When you place an order online with us, your personal information and credit
card or debit card information is being encrypted using SSL encryption technology before
being sent over the Internet. We use SSL technology to prevent your information from
being stolen or intercepted while being transferred to us. Your credit card information
is always stored in encrypted form in a restricted-access database that is away from our
Web site database. It is not connected to the Internet, for the protection against hackers.

Unsolicited E-mail (SPAM): Your privacy is very important to us and you can be assured
that we do not sell or distribute our customer list to any third parties. However,
be aware that unscrupulous marketers can sometimes “harvest” your email address directly
from your computer or another person’s address book or even obtain your email address
through programs that automatically search web pages and email traffic for email addresses.

If you receive an unsolicited email that you believe is connected with us in any way,
please forward the e-mail (as an enclosure) to [email protected] and we
will investigate promptly.

Children: We do not sell products for purchase by children. If you are under 18,
you may use our Web site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Linked Web Sites Our Web stores may contain links to and from other sites operated
and maintained by separate companies. We can not be responsible for linked Web
sites (including the ones participating in our associate program). We provide these
links solely for the convenience and for information to our visitors. The privacy
policies of these sites may differ from our policy, so you should always review the
privacy statement of each linked Web site you visit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are dedicated to providing you with satisfaction! We feel that the most effective
way to build repeat business and a lasting relationship with our customers is to
treat them right, to give them good, reasonable prices, and excellent service.
If we are unable to meet your expectations please contact us and we will make
every attempt possible to do so and keep you a happy customer.

We are a retail pharmacy subject to state and federal laws of the United States.
According to these laws we are prohibited from restocking returned drugs.
We are therefore unable to accept returned prescription medications but we will do
everything we can to reimburse you with a re-shipment or provide you with another
product of the same value.

In other words, you can order your medications from trustgeneric.com risk-free!

We want you to be confident and enjoy ordering our affordable medications. As always,
we want a satisfied customer, in other words we want you to be happy.

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