Mogadishu university – institute of nurse and health sciences (inhs)

Special Features of MU

  1. Mogadishu University is the first university in Somalia since the collapse of the central Somali state in 1991, and it is also the first private university in the history of Somalia.
  2. It is a unique institution of higher education and represents post-civil war new Somalia. It reflects the aspiration and hope of the people in the horn of Africa as well as the Somali people.
  3. M.U. has chosen Arabic and English as two equal languages of the University which means all graduates from M.U. should have the ability to use both languages in their workplace.
  4. M.U. has made a modest beginning with three teaching faculties namely:
    • Faculty of Shari’a and Law.
    • Faculty of Education.
    • Faculty of Arts.
  5. M.U. operates on a semester system based on credit hours. Duration of the BA program is four years (eight semesters), and graduating credit hours are 138 for the faculty of education and arts, and 148 for the faculty of law and shari’a.
  6. The basic requirements for the admission of the students is high school certificate (12 years of schooling or equivalent).
  7. Currently, teaching staff of M.U. are 15 full-time, and 4 part-time professors.
  8. The number of the enrolled students in the first semester of the academic year 1997/98 are 250.

Location of M.U..

M.U. is located in Mogadishu.

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