New isagenix associate interview & commitment evaluation & questionnaire

Please provide the following contact information:

Today’s Date:

Why did you decide to join Isagenix?

What is it about the network marketing industry that attracts you?

Is there anything about network marketing that isn’t attractive to you?

What obstacles or concerns do you have starting this business?

I plan on earning $ per month by my sixth
month and $
per month in one year.

When your business is successful, what do you see being different in your life in one year, 2 years, 5 years?

Are you coachable and willing to follow and learn a proven turn-key system?

Yes     No

What are your health and weight loss goals?

Did you sign up for autoship? Yes     No


If you did not sign up for autoship, please explain why.

How much product did you purchase on your initial order?

How many hours per week are you able to reserve to build your business?

When will you do this?

How much money can you invest on a monthly basis to get your group going? e.g. advertising, business cards, flyers, etc

Do you like to work on the phone? Yes    

Do you like to work on the internet? Yes    

Do you have a large circle of influence (lots of contacts)?

Do you know anyone in direct sales or network marketing?

Do you enjoy working with people and making personal contacts?

Where do you come into contact with people in your daily activities? (shopping, PTA, gym, church,
organizations, workplace, etc)

When can you schedule an in home presentation, or tele-conference with your contacts on Isagenix?

What are your personal strengths that will help you in
achieving success in this business?

What are the areas you feel you have weaknesses? (computer skills, time management, self motivation, etc.)

Why will you be successful at this business?

What would you like your sponsor to do to help you become successful?

What is your commitment and dedication level to be successful?

Are you registered for our annual convention and/or for one of our upcoming trainings/presentations?


Please check all the boxes
signifying your commitments

commit to investing in my future and my family’s future by building my Isagenix
business for 24 months.  I understand that a real business with real income
takes time and consistent, persistent effort.

I commit to getting
my top ten names of people interested in the products and business and sponsor
them asap.

I commit to
doing at least some income-producing, business-building, business educational
activites and/or bulding my skills every day, even if it’s a little some days
(i.e. recruiting, prospecting, sharing my story, retailing, training, product
and business education, phone call follow ups, reading relevant networking,
marketing, self-improvement, motivational books, videos, audios, etc.)

I commit to remain
being coachable.  I understand I do not need to reinvent the wheel and I
want to learn and model from people who are already successful, and I am willing
to follow a proven turn key, duplicateable system. One that has been engineered
& designed to make me as successful and effective as possible in the shortest
amount of time with the least amount of frustration, trial and error.

As much as possible I
commit to attending meetings, conference calls, trainings, by phone or in person
and listening to at least one conference call per week, or listen to archived
product & business training conference calls in my back office.

How many people would you like to sponsor this month with
my help?

Please digitally sign this form by typing in your full
name and today’s date in the boxes below.

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