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Use of the drug Actos

The drug Actos is very important for people suffering from diabetes. Its actions together with insulin are aimed at reducing the level of glucose in blood.

Dosage of Actos

During monotherapy the maximum dosage of Actos should not be more than 45 mg per day. If the positive effect is not observed, it is necessary to consider options for a combined use of Actos with:

  • Derivatives of sulfonylurea. The initial dose of Actos is 15-30 mg. daily. If during the course of treatment, there are cases of hypoglycemia, the dose should be reduced;
  • Metformin. The risk of hypoglycemia with such combination is extremely low, so the dose of Actos remains unchanged during the entire treatment course – 15-30 mg / day;
  • Insulin. The dose depends on the individual level of glycemia, but initially it should be 15-30 mg per day.

About combinations Actos with other medicines are not known anything.

The effect of the drug Actos appears only in the interaction with insulin. During the administration of the drug can be observed increasing the number of plasma, can be the formation of cardiac hypertrophy.

Before starting treatment, and subsequently every two months during the first treatment year, it is necessary regularly check the activity of alanine transaminase.

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