It’s no secret that stress manifests itself physically. Everyone has felt it. After a tough day your neck might be stiff, you might feel that it’s difficult to get comfortable in your seat or your joints may crack and be uncomfortable. Extreme cases of stress may cause muscle tightness, muscle spasms or even a pins-and-needles sensation in your feet and hands known as parethesia. When your muscles become tight they can pull your musculoskeletal system out of alignment. This will only lead to more discomfort. A chiropractor is trained to relieve all the symptoms of stress and will help you avoid complications further down the road.

The Texas Health Clinics will perform a spinal adjustment to relieve the physical symptoms of stress. Tight muscles will relax and circulation will increase. The weight of your stress will be lifted off of your nervous system which will make any pins-and-needles feeling disappear. Your posture will improve and the adjustment will help you avoid more pain and injury down the road. Your diet and lifestyle will be discussed in order to help you avoid stress in the future. The benefits of chiropractic work can be discussed for free by calling (972) 596 – 2273. Set up your no obligation consultation today.

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