Accreditation and Safety

How Much Should You Trust Medical Tourism Physicians and Dentists? 

Traveling abroad can be scary enough.  You don’t need the additional headache of placing your health and life in the hands of a questionable physician or dentist.  This is why you’ll want to check the accreditation and qualifications of whatever hospital, dental clinic, or medical facility you plan to visit.  This is as true for treatment centers in your own country as it is for treatment centers abroad.  But because you’ll be a stranger in a strange land, additional research on your part is required. 

Although you’re probably accustomed to the quality of service in your native country, there are” all over the world, not to mention a handful of “. 

Some Medical Tourism Doctors Are Not So Foreign

You might actually be surprised to discover that not all the physicians and dentists who practice abroad are so different from your primary care providers at home.  Many medical practitioners in places like ” or ” were actually born in countries like Australia, Japan, Switzerland, or the United States.  Because medical tourism is such a hot industry, it’s easy to see why a doctor or dentist might want to relocate in order to enjoy a higher quality of life.

You might also be surprised to discover that a good percentage of the doctors who you’ll meet were actually trained in the West.  A lot of them attended college in their home country, moved to Germany, the United States, or England to complete graduate work in their respective fields, and then moved back to their home country after passing their qualifying exams and receiving accreditation.

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