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A Health Risk (Assessment|Appraisal}  is sometimes used paired with a health testing. an HRA is a computerized assessment tool which looks at an individual’s family history, health status, and lifestyle.

An HRA seeks to identify precursors associated with premature death or serious illness and quantifies the probable impact for each individual.

An HRA instrument is derived from an understanding of the at a illness. Based on this understanding, useful prediction instruments could be constructed to assess the health risks of an individual. Individuals with a higher number of health risks tend to have more serious medical problems over time.

Drawing attention to their health risks can help clients reduce risk factors which lead to the onset of unnecessary illness and subsequent premature death.

The questionnaire covers lifestyle habits (such as use of tobacco, seat belt use, and exercise) and physical measures (such as cholesterol, blood pressure levels, height, and weight).

For accuracy, it is critical to obtain direct measures of blood pressure, cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol. the HRA also provides recommendations and indicates what risks are modifiable. Types of measures to assess health risks are discussed under Screening Programs.

The impact of a health risk (assessment|appraisal} is much greater when it is given in-person, with immediate feedback to the customer. This also provides an opportunity to invite the customer’s participation in continuing health counseling and to gain their written consent to do pro-active outreach to them.

A health age could be computed based on the individual answers to the questionnaire and physiologic factors. the health age might indicate the individual to be younger or older than their chronological age.

HRA programs are one the most prolific kinds of wellness activities utilized by organizations. Continuing research on HRAs is examining the efficacy of this tool.

One of the large advantages of this tool is that it can provide an aggregate group report of a company and may be utilized as an examination tool.

Detailed information is available from the Society of Prospective Medicine ( who publishes a handbook on HRAs.

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